Theophilus Cyrillus Catharina

Theophilus, Cyrillus, Catharina:
named after the respective popes/saints of Alexandria

Impact craters
Coordinates: 13,2°S 24,0°E
Diameter: 100km, 98km, 100km
Detph: 4400m, 3600m, 3130m

Rükl 46, 67
LAC-78, 96


Theophilus is the most Northern crater of the trio. It is the best preserved one. Theophilus shows a typical terras structures in it's walls. But most notable are it's four central peaks clustered together. The crater rim also shows a satellite crater theophilus B.
Cyrillus is the middle one and shows more decay than Theophilus. The crater rim is still well defined, but the inner tructures are considerably less crisp. Also the central peaks while still visible are more like large hills than sharp peaks. The floor is not the clean floor as seen with young craters but is covered with material.
Catharina then is a crater lacking central peaks, also it's rim is showing decay, and clearly suffered multiple impacts destroying the typical crater wall features.


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