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Messier 82 - NGC3034


M82 lies just north of M81. With a low power eyepiece it's possible to get both in the same field of view. On a good night it's certainly possible to see the gap in this galaxy.


Long exposure images show many details in the galaxy. and images made under excellent conditions that also include narrow band H-alpha data can show the faint streams of gas emi tting from the galaxy. Those streams are not visible in my image.


Observing conditons were far less than ideal with many whips of cirrus clouds passing over. The overall result is that contrast in the sky background is greatly reduced. Certainly an object that deserves another try.


The image above was made at my home location in Belgium under heavily light polluted skies. (click the image for a larger view.)

Image data

Exposure: 66x300s

Filters: Baader UHC-S

Camera temperature: -30°C

Date: October 31th 2013

Location: Zele, Belgium




Camera: SBIG ST2000XM

Telescope: Skywatcher MN190

Mount: Software Bisque Paramount MX



Image aquisition: The Sky X

Preprocessing: Deep sky stacker

Fitsconversion: Fitsliberator

image processing: Adobe Photoshop CS5



Object data



Messier 82


Constellation: Ursa major



RA: 9h 55.8m

Dec: +69° 41'


Dimensions: 11.2'x4.3'


Magnitude: 8.4


Surface brigtness: 12.8


Distance: 17 million lightyears


Discovered by Johan Elert Bode in 1774


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