Tycho Brahe, Danish Astronomer, nobleman and writer (1546–1601)

Impact crater
Coordinates: 43.31°S 11.36°W
Diameter: 86km
Depth: 4,8km

Rükl 64


Tycho is another typical impact crater. It shows some intricate terrasses on it's crater walls. The craterfloor os flat with only a small amount of debris. The central peak consits of a large peak and a smaller one to the north-east of it. The crater's oblong shape is caused only by it's apparent location on the Moon. The crater is circular in shape.
What really sets Tycho apart from other craters is it's ray system. While tycho is 86km the rays extend well over 1000km. Tycho's rays are best observed when the moon is full. The ray system, as well as Tycho itself are rather bright. One might also want to check the dark ring around Tycho. 


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