Nicolaus Copernicus, Polish mathematician and astronomer (1473-1543)

Impact crater
coordinates: 9.62°N 20.08°W
Diameter: 96,1km
Depth: 3,8km

Rükl 31


Copernicus, also called the Lunar Monarch. is the archetype impact crater. It's not the largest one on the Moon. But it's prominaent placement and the fact that it displays all the typical features of an impact crater so well make it such an interesting and magnificent sight.
Copernicus featuresa flat crater floor, with two well defined mountains, and a scattering of smaller debris. The crater rim is somewhat octogonal. And the crater walls show well defined terrasses.
Around Copernicus one can also observe a vast blanket of ejecta. The ray system spans hundreds of kilometers. Scatterd around Sopernicus there are many many satellite impacts. 


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