Montes Apenninus

Montes Apenninus:
Italian mountain range

Mountain range
Coordinates: 18.9°N 3.7°W 
Lenght: 600km
Height: 5500m (Mons Huygens)

Rükl 21-22

Mons Huygens, Mons Ampère, Mons Bradley, Mons Hadley, Rima Hadley, Mons Wolf,...


The Apennines are named after the mountain range in Italy. On the Moon it forms the South-Eastern border of Mare Imbrium.

It's the largest mountain range on the near side and the third largest overall. It spans a distance no less than 600km and it's highest peaks reach over 5000m
The Montes Apenninus harbour some fascinating fetatures. There's Rima Hadley, along which one can find the Lunar landing site of the Appollo 15 mission. There's the highest mountain on the Moon, Mons Huygens (5500m)


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