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Latest image: Area around the crater Philolaus on the Moon

Imaging the night sky


Ever since I got interested in astronomy I was eager to not only see the splendors of our universe but also register them. Athough I started with astronomy as early as 1999 it took me until 2008 to take my first steps into deep sky astrophotography. An only in 2011 I can say it really took off.


Astrophotography is the art of imaging the night sky. Although different disciplines exist I'm mainly involved in deep sky imaging. Deep sky is everything beyond our own solar systems. Everything from Gas and dust nebulae, starclusters to distant galaxies peeks my interest. Though I have a special love for galaxies.


Special notice: This is my new revamped website and this is still under construction. So don't worry if you see some Latin gibberisch or photo's that have nthing to do with me or astronomy. It will take a while to transfer all the data from the old site to the new one. Until then, you can find the old site here. New material will be added and updated over the coming days and weeks. Stay tuned :-)


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Star clusters

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